Are you thinking about starting a new business? If so, we want to help you be confident that you’ve really thought about your new business venture before you invest £100’s or £1000’s in your dream by helping you visualise, explore and understand the key success factors of your new business including:

  • Understanding what success looks like (on both a personal and business basis)
  • Having a clear and effective business model
  • Ensuring that your business has a unique selling point (USP)
  • Identifying the key actions you need to take to grow your business
  • Recognising when you have achieved success

We offer two different ways in which we can help you based on our successful New Biz Kit visual business development templates (click here to try out one of the templates for FREE):

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Option 1: The Startup Ideas Lab 1/2 Day 1:1 Workshop

We’ll meet with you (either face to face in Nottingham or virtually) and work with you to explore ideas and plans for your new business startup using our unique set of New Biz Kit visual business development templates. We’ll act as sounding board and objective listener to your ideas and ask those challenging questions that will really help you test the robustness of your ideas. We’ll capture all this information (in words and pictures!) on the large format visual templates which you take away at the end of the session for on-going reference and guidance as you develop your business.

We’ll then follow-up this session with a phone update (or on-line meeting) to see how you’re progressing with your plans (usually 1 month after the Ideas Lab Workshop) and provide you with an additional template to help you recognise when you’ve achieved success!

Face to Face Ideas Lab Workshop (Venue: Nottingham, UK) £450 + VAT
Virtual On-Line Ideas Lab Workshop £350 + VAT

To find out more and discuss your requirements in more detail, please complete the form below:

We aim to respond to your message within 24 hours.

Option 2: The DIY route using our New Biz Kit templates

We’ll provide you with on-line access to enable you to download our New Biz Kit visual business development templates which you then use yourself to help quickly and easily sketch out your business plan and ensure you’ve thought about the key factors that will enable your new business to be a success.

New Biz Kit Visual Business Development Templates £57 + VAT (a one off investment!)

To find out more click here or to purchase the New Biz Kit click on the button below:

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Please note that you’ll receive your link to the New Biz Kit within 24 hours or your purchase.

To find out more, simply browse this website or contact John Ashton on +44 (0)775 282 6227 or email him on jashton.crackerjack@gmail.com